I'm in love love love love with your stuff especially the monster boys <3 but the inucubus is my ultimate weakness good lord!!! Thankyou for the amazing art!!! :^)))

first IM SORRY THIS IS SUCH A LATE RESPONSE i have such a bad habit of…. hoarding these things„„,
aaaah thank you so much!! i really glad you like it ; w; also thank you LOL reuilly is one of my ultimate weaknesses too o|-<…..
imagethank you so much for such a sweet message 

i never know what to say when i upload things but i usually feel like i should saY SOMETHING but my feelings are usually “i drew this and its a lil weird im sorry.”

doodled one of the color pallette prompts………………


step into my office, baby // belle & sebastian

i’ve got to change my ways
dress for business every day
a sharp suit and a kipper tie
a big arrow pointing to my fly

cant believe dollism happened 20 mins away from where i live and i only found out about it today im throwin a FIT

i like this part, the rest is just disappointment (nsfw)

slams this wip down in an attempt to break up the obvious


artist feature of sorts??: kulche

most of the stuff they draw is a bit too shota for my tastes, but look at those colors

also, textures

also, silhouettes

oohhhh, thank you so much!!